Honda Shows Preview of All-New Prologue EV

Honda Prologue EV Sketch

Honda has released the first-ever sketch of the all-new Prologue EV coming in 2024. This is the first look we have of what the all-new, all-electric vehicle from Honda will look like when it hits showrooms. Designed at the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, the Prologue EV features clean lines and timeless Honda styling, matched with a purposeful look with short overhangs and capable tires and suspension.

“As the project leader for the exterior design of the Honda Prologue, it was very exciting to work with a young team of designers with new capabilities to create an SUV with clean, simple lines and a strong influence from our global EV models, including the Honda e,” said Jiro Ikeda, Exterior Design Leader of the Honda Prologue. “We balanced that with a neo-rugged look that you see in our current lineup to ensure Prologue represents a true Honda EV.”

This will be the first-ever high-volume all-electric vehicle from Honda, who has pioneered alternative-fuel vehicles for years with models like the Insight and Clarity. The Honda Prologue is being developed in partnership with General Motors, and is just the first vehicle out of multiple planned for release before the year 2030. By working together, Honda and GM are able to create more efficient and affordable all-electric vehicles for car buyers across the country.

Honda plans on selling half a million EVs in the United States by the year 2030 as well, with many based on the new Honda e:Architecture that is being developed for the Prologue. Honda is working closely with dealerships like Ed Voyles Honda in Marietta, GA to make the transition to more EV sales as smooth as possible, including the addition of charging stations and new dealership amenities.

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