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We appraise it
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Value Your Trade

See the market for your car today. We pay top dollar and want you to look at the same data we do to determine what your car may be worth. In 2 steps and 10 seconds you can skip the tireless research process and guesswork.

How we determine your appraised value:

Our appraisers have an average of more than 15 years experience.

Exterior paint and body condition, and interior wear.

Trim level and the features and options of your vehicle.

Service History, Any accident reports.

We test drive your vehicle to check engine, steering and brakes.

What to bring with you:

  • All keys, remotes, owner’s manuals, and any included accessories that came with your vehicle.
  • A valid state photo ID – needed for all title holders.
  • Vehicle title or payoff information, including a lien holder release if vehicle is paid off.

How it works:

  • Use our online vehicle appraisal tool to get an estimate for your vehicle before you come in.
  • Visit our dealership to get an appraisal by one of our vehicle experts.
  • Get a no-obligation offer for your vehicle after inspection.
  • Use your vehicle’s value towards a new car, or sell us your car for cash.