Vehicle Rentals at Ed Voyles Honda

Choose from a variety of Honda rental cars that fit your needs for the day or for your road trip. Full size sedans to SUV’s to Minivans.

Call for availability and rates.

Rental Cars

  1. You must prepay for the number of days requested, and you are required to put a deposit down. See agent.
  2. Must have full insurance coverage and have a current copy of your insurance information. And a copy of your valid driver’s license.
  3. Rental rates are from $35.00 per day for most cars, and up to $70.00 for an Odyssey per day.
  4. 150 miles free per day (0.35 per mile over that).
  5. You can purchase $19.95 per day collision damage waiver, please not you must have full coverage on your policy to purchase this. This will cover only your deductible.
  6. Gas is at your expense or return it with the level it had when rented.



8 passengers
$70 + Taxes and Fees


8 passengers
$60 + Taxes and Fees


5 passengers
$50 + Taxes and Fees


5 passengers
$45 + Taxes and Fees


4 passengers
$40 + Taxes and Fees


4 passengers
$35 + Taxes and Fees


4 passengers
$45 + Taxes and fees

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