Marietta City Teachers Of The Year

The Ed Voyles Teacher of the Year program has been in place for nearly a decade. Read article here.

Cobb County, Marietta City Teachers Of The Year Will Receive Free One-Year Lease Of a Car

The Ed Voyles Automotive Group is honored to be in a position to give back to our community and the people that everyday shape the minds and lives of our children – our teachers.

The Cobb Chamber’s Teacher of the Year Program honors the Teachers who have won the admiration and respect of students, parents and their peers.

This year, the Marietta City School system-wide Teacher of the Year and the Cobb County system-wide elementary, middle and high school Teachers of the Year will spend the year representing their schools and districts as an educational advocate AND driving a brand new car.

Through a new partnership with the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, Ed Voyles Automotive Group will grant a free one-year vehicle lease to the Teachers of the Year.

Ed Voyles Automotive Group intends for the partnership to be long-lasting and to provide teachers with a very real and valuable award for their commitment to excellence in education.